Good, Bad, And Ugly From Las Vegas Raiders vs Los Angeles Chargers

Derek Carr has finally led the Las Vegas Raiders to the postseason, but how long will it last? Join us as we break down the good, bad, and ugly from the Raiders versus the Chargers game.

1. The Good: The Raiders make the playoffs for the first time in six years.

The Las Vegas Raiders might be 10-7 and have a 3-3 record in divisional, but they kept true to their promise that this would be the year they made the playoffs. What makes that last sentence even more satisfying is the fact that they avenged their loss to the Los Angeles Chargers earlier in the season.

The team desperately needed this win after weathering the storm that was the Henry Ruggs drunk driving incident, Jon Gruden s resignation, and some of the worst losses in the team s history. 

2. The Bad: The Las Vegas Raiders’ defense not being able to get the opposing team off the field

While the Las Vegas Raiders did a great job at limiting the Los Angeles Chargers to only three third-down conversions the entire game, they didn t fare as well on fourth down. In fact, the Raiders let the Chargers slip past them on six out of seven fourth-down conversion attempts, meaning the defense just couldn t get the team off the field.

The defense left the Chargers scoreless in the first quarter but allowed 14 points in the second. The Raiders were able to hold the Chargers to a big fat goose egg in the third, but then gave up the 15 points that would ultimately force overtime. That s not a good look for a team making the playoffs for the first time in six years.

3. The Ugly: Derek Carr s performance.

As much as everyone wants to praise Derek Carr for keeping his promise and helping the Las Vegas Raiders get to the playoffs, it was far from his best game. Not only is that evident by Carr only completing 55% of his passes throughout four quarters, but also due to him only managing to rack up 186 yards. Of course, some will be quick to point to him throwing zero interceptions and allowing zero turnovers, but that’s what he should have been doing all season long.

In the end, Derek Carr is a good Quarterback. He could lead a team far into the playoffs, but not with his recent performances. Now, some of the blame probably lies with the Raiders’ less-than-stellar running game, but Carr just doesn’t have the pieces in place to make 2022 a long playoff run. Maybe next year.

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