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Fly Above Vegas in a Helicopter

See Las Vegas from new heights by taking flight with Maverick Helicopters.

Maverick Helicopters offers tours that fly over The Strip, the Vegas Valley, Red Rock Canyon, and out to The Grand Canyon.

Choose from the Vegas Strip Tour, Neon & Nature, Savory Bites & Neon Lights, Savor & Soar, or Land, Air & See.

Vegas Strip Tour is about a 15 minute ride over The Strip at night when all of the lights are on. This flight is $94 per person.

Neon & Nature is a 2.5 hour flight that flies over the Las Vegas Valley out to Red Rock Canyon. This includes landing in Red Rock for 30 minutes to enjoy the view. This experience is $199 per person.

Savory Bites & Neon Lights is a helicopter ride and a food tour! Visit four restaurants on The Strip, all of the reservations will be made for you, followed by a 15 minute ride over The Strip. You will also be taken back to your hotel. This tour costs $299 per person.

Savor & Soar is similar to the previous tour. This one includes a food tour of three restaurants at The Aria, followed by a 15 minute flight over The Strip. Book this experience for $249 per person.

Land, Air & See is a Jeep and helicopter guided tour. You ll travel by Jeep to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, Fremont Street, The High Roller, and then fly over The Strip. This tour accommodates up to six people for a total of $1194.

If you want to travel from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon check out these options.

Wind Dancer flies from The Strip, over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead to the Grand Canyon. The helicopter will land in the canyon for you to enjoy champagne and some snacks before returning to Las Vegas. This tour is $469 per person. 

Wind Dancer Sunset is the same, but you ll conclude the tour with a flight over The Strip at sunset. This costs a little more at $499 per person.

Skywalk Odyssey flies visitors directly to The Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass floor walkway that hangs 4,000 feet above the base of the canyon. You ll have 45 minutes to explore this area of the canyon, then will be flown back to The Strip. This experience is $574 per person. 

Indian Territory takes you inside of the canyon where you will land to enjoy drinks and snacks. Then you will be flown to a second observation point at the rim of the canyon. You can choose to do the skywalk with this tour, but it s not included in the cost. Then fly back over The Strip before landing. Costs $694 per person. 

West Rim 6-in-1 is an all-day guided tour to the West Rim of The Grand Canyon. Experience several canyon views, Native American history, and stop at the Hoover Dam. Lunch, water, and snacks are included, making this trip $459 per person.

Western Journey is a flight that lands inside of the Grand Canyon West. You will have three hours to take in all of the sights before returning to Vegas. This trip is $429 per person.

Whichever tour you choose you re bound to have a wonderful time, see some amazing sights of the city and the desert like you ve never seen them before.

So buckle up and get ready to take flight with a Maverick Helicopter tour!

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