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Five World-Famous Las Vegas Dispensaries

Located in one of the few states where cannabis is legal to purchase for recreational purposes, many flock to Las Vegas for a whole other kind of trip. If you re looking to try it out, then here are five of the best and the most famous dispensaries in Sin City.

1. MedMen

Five World-Famous Las Vegas Dispensaries

A California-based chain with locations across the United States, MedMen carries its own product line. Additionally, they boast of a wide range of products and a helpful staff willing to accommodate all your cannabis-related needs.

2. Essence Cannabis Dispensaries

Five World-Famous Las Vegas Dispensaries

Renowned as the only marijuana dispensary right on the Strip, Essence Cannabis is extremely easy to get to. This award-winning store offers a wide range of products, from prerolls to edibles, to vape pens and topicals. They also have daily deals and a discount calendar, so those of you on a budget will like this place.

3. Planet 13 Las Vegas

Five World-Famous Las Vegas Dispensaries

Perhaps the most well-known out of all those in this list, Planet 13 looks like the love child of a typical Vegas nightclub and a marijuana dispensary. They describe themselves as a cannabis superstore and entertainment complex, and with light-up LED floors, 3D wall projections, and overhead orbs, they re not far from the truth! They also feature a ton of exclusive products and limited launches so this place really should be your first stop.

4. Las Vegas ReLeaf Dispensary

Five World-Famous Las Vegas Dispensaries

Situated near the Strip and the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas ReLeaf looks like a stylish tech showroom, the likes of which are popular in Silicon Valley. Inside lies the world s first and only marijuana dispensary tasting bar and they also carry Two Roots, a non-alcoholic beer infused with cannabis ever created. This is a favorite among locals so you know that this is the real deal!

5. Reef Dispensaries

Five World-Famous Las Vegas Dispensaries

They ve slowly expanded all throughout Arizona and Nevada but the flagship store of Reef is right near the Strip. As both retailer and grower, they feature their own exclusive line of Tryke and Khalifa Kush products. And unlike Planet 13, they look to me more like a cross between a dispensary and an Apple store.

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