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5 Weird Facts About Las Vegas

Sin City attracts all sorts of crazy and insane personalities, so it s natural that a ton of weird stuff has happened within its borders! Here are five weird facts about Las Vegas that you probably didn t know.

1. There Are Over 300 Weddings Per Day

There are thousands of wedding chapels scattered all over Las Vegas, making the city the go-to destination for those wanting to get married quick. All in all, over 300 wedding ceremonies take place in the city every single day.

2. Boulder Prohibits Gambling

The city of Boulder is one of only two cities in Nevada that prohibits gambling. All the rest allow and even encourage it too!

3. The Fountains Use Recycled Water

The scorching sun of the desert may have you thinking about a dip or two in one of the many massive fountains found across Las Vegas. But, trust us don t. The city s fountains actually use recycled water funneled from sinks, bathtubs, showers, and even toilets located throughout the city.

4. Casinos Have A Black Book

With the whole slew of insane and downright strange people going to Las Vegas, it s natural that the city s casinos have a black book, or a list of individuals not allowed to enter any of the casinos. Thanks to the hundreds of CCTV cameras inside a casino, this list of banned individuals is strictly enforced.

5. FedEx Exists Because Of Vegas

Unable to find any investors willing to invest in his fledgling company, Frederick W. Smith traveled to Las Vegas with his business last $5,000, which he was able to increase to $27,000 at Blackjack! Thanks to his gambling skills, FedEx was saved.

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