Everything You Need To Know About the Las Vegas Raiderettes

Here’s everything you need to know about football’s Fabulous Females, The Las Vegas Raiderettes.

1. A brief history of The Las Vegas Raiderettes

The Raiderettes may have only been in Las Vegas for a short time, but their legacy runs much deeper.

The team started under the name Oakland Raiderettes in 1961 and became The Los Angeles Raiderettes in 1982 when the team moved to The City of Angels. Throughout all this, they were known as The Fabulous Females of Football, which still has a great ring to it.

The squad has been home to some very notable women in the past, including actress/Playboy model Tina Martin, award-winning playwright Sandy Wolshin, and 90210 actress Kelli Brook. Another notable Raiderette is Anjelah Johnson, who went on to become a cast member on the iconic Mad TV comedy sketch show.

2. The Raiderettes move to Las Vegas

Fast forward to 2020 and they became the Las Vegas Raiderettes with a 20,000-square-foot training facility in Henderson County. The building is located between the Las Vegas Aces’ training facility and the Raiders headquarters.

3. The junior Raiderette program and giving back to Las Vegas

While The Raiderettes might spend their fall weekends rooting on the Las Vegas Raiders, their duties reach much further than that! The Raiderettes facility in Henderson is host to a variety of classes to help young women pursue their love of cheer. They also have a Junior Raiderettes program that kids can sign up for. This is only one way that the squad represents the greater community of Las Vegas. Click here for more information on The Junior Raiderett program and how you can get involved.

4. The Las Vegas Raiderettes met fans at the airport for the 2022 NFL draft

The Raiderettes have also represented the city of Las Vegas in many capacities, including welcoming fans to the 2022 NFL draft at the airport. This was the first time that the annual draft was held in Vegas and the Raiderettes definitely made their presence known. These are Football’s Most Fabulous Females ladies and gentlemen.

5. Book The Las Vegas Raiderettes for your next event!

Believe it or not, the Las Vegas Raiderettes are actually available to appear at events per request. What a way to make an impression! Just click here for more information.

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