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Best Vegas Cannabis Strains September 2020

After working hard, you deserve to feel good. Luckily, Sin City has everything you will ever need- a variety of quality cannabis strains. Here are some of the best options

1. Strawberry Lemonade

This is an award-winning strain that you should undoubtedly try should you set foot in Vegas. Its sweet citrus and strawberry flavor is simply amazing, and the effects, quite impressive. This is the perfect strain for a vacation to make you explode with energy to have mad fun. You can smoke a puff when you want to activate your night party mode.

2. Citrus Tsunami

How about some morning citrus flavor? Citrus Tsunami kicks in just like a typical tsunami. I mean, you can chill out and inhale the scent for eternity, but I know I wanted to light it up in a moment. The effects are instantly refreshing yet calming; you feel uplifted and ready to explore Vegas.

3. Terpee Slerpee

Terpee Slerpee is another impressive cannabis strain available in Sin City. When raw, you enjoy a pine scent, but you get an earthy smell when you light it up. Apart from the scent, the effects are mind-blowing. The strain is an effective energy booster enough to help you face whatever physical task is at hand. Before you dare the Grand Canyon’s rough terrains, some Terpee Slerpee would come in handy to give you the necessary energy. 

4. Shark Bite

The name might sound a little intense, but this hybrid’s gentleness is a relief you might want to try. First, the amazing lemony-piney smell is a turn on enough to keep you asking for more. It offers a calming effect that will clear away all your worries and leave you refreshed. While some strains may overwhelm you, Shark Bite kicks in slowly like a sedative drug. 

5. Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight, like the name suggests, comes in handy to make those boring and tiring afternoons at work better. It is like the American substitute for the siestas they enjoy in Europe and the Mediterranean. It relaxes the mind and gives you a sense of amazing mental freedom to help you get through the day. If you take those vacations in Vegas, this strain should feature in your to-get list. 

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