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Best Family-Friendly Shows in Las Vegas

Live shows are an amazing way to bond with family members while being entertained. Some of the best shows ideal for the entire family include:

1. Barbie: The Exhibition


This is a unique opportunity to perceive the Barbie doll differently and not just as a play item for the young ones. Barbie: The Exhibition takes visitors on a journey from the late 1950s to now, looking at different cultural aspects and how fashion has evolved over the years. The Barbie doll is iconic and recognized worldwide. Tickets start at $49, and the exhibition takes place at the Shops at Crystals.

2. KA by Cirque du Soleil

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This Cirque du Soleil show needs no introduction. It’s considered a masterpiece that showcases excellent talent from different parts of the world. The performance includes acrobatics, stunts, pyrotechnics, and other mind-blowing activities. It’s an ideal show for kids five years and above and will grasp their attention for the entire one and a half hours. The show takes place at the MGM Grand.

3. Potted Potter


The Potted Potter show takes place in Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, and as the title suggests, the exhibition brings the Harry Potter series to life. The show lasts for about seventy minutes, during which the performance consolidates the seven books into one incredible show. It’s a fascinating show filled with humor that your loved ones will enjoy. Grab this chance to see your favorite characters from the series in their element, complete with lavish costumes in a memorable show. It’s best for kids aged six and above.

4. Mac King Comedy Show


Mac King is a fun-filled show that takes place at Harrah’s. There are two shows each afternoon from Tuesday to Saturday. It’s a comedy show that incorporates magic, making it even better for the young ones. Unlike typical magic shows for kids, the Mac King comedy show is unique and witty, with some acts including his audience. The best part is that this show is ideal for all ages and you can take all your kids here indiscriminately, and they will all have a great time.

5. Michael Jackson One

Unlike other kid-friendly shows, which are more juvenile, Michael Jackson One is a show everyone will enjoy; child or adult. Cirque du Soleil produces it with a Michael Jackson theme, and all music is by the famous fallen artist. While the kids enjoy the acrobats and other performers, the adults resonate with the music from the pop star, which never grows old. It’s one special show at Mandalay bay that will cater to your whole family’s entertainment.

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