Allegiant Stadium Restaurants Die-Hard Raiders Fans Can Visit Right Now

Currently, Die-hard Raiders fans can only watch games from home, since Allegiant Stadium is closed. But there s one thing that is far from closing the undying appetite for Raider dogs, burgers, nachos, chips, pretzel bites, and other snacks fans will be able to buy at Allegiant Stadium.

1. Graffiti Bao

According to Marc Marrone, the owner of the Graffiti Bao, the eatery will be serving their signature bao buns, Szechuan beef, and bao dogs at two spots within Allegiant Stadium. Meanwhile, you can drive-in and grab some food and catch up with the game at home or watch it on the small screen at Buffalo Drive on Sundays. 

2. Echo & Rig

Bite into delicious sandwiches from Echo & Rig as you cheer your favorite team. The steakhouse and butcher in Tivoli Village will operate at Allegiant Stadium s 100. Fans will get rib-eye sandwiches and garlic Raider chips spiced with silver and black sea salt. But before things open up, you can pass by the shop and have a bavette steak thrown on the grill. Those interested in eating at the restaurant during the game can secure seats near the bar where there s a TV screen. 

3. Fukuburger

Fukuburger will be introducing a new Japanese Kuro To Gin burger and Japanese-style Chicago Dog at their new location near sections 127 and 128 after the stadium opens to fans. Meanwhile, treat your tastebuds to a Katsu Chicken sandwich and the original Fukuburger at their current spots. Both locations are also open on Sundays, where you can have a bite of your favorite burger as you watch all Raiders’ games. 

4. Rollin Smoke BBQ

If you thought you’re the only one anxiously waiting for Allegiant to open, you’re wrong. Millions of Raiders fans and the entire Rollin Smoke BBQ team are waiting for that day. They ll be situated in the southwest corner near the Microsoft Lounge and around the corner from the Fan Shop. While we wait, Rollin Smoke has multiple locations in town. You can grab some pork, chicken, and hand-rubbed hickory-smoked brisket to bite on as you watch the game. 

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