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6 Best Hybrid Cannabis Strains in Vegas January 2021

Time to get high, Vegas stoners. Here are the six best hybrid strains to try this month.

1. Blue Dream

If you have only one choice of all strains, this is the one. Its blueberry smell will instantly take you on an exotic journey as the high sinks in. It smokes better than the typical hybrid and gives you a sleepy, indica-induced sense of contentment.

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2. Wedding Cake

The wedding cake hybrid is softer on the nose and produces a sweet-smelling scent when smoked. It’s quite potent despite the sweet smell and tests at higher than 25 percent THC content. Unwind after a long day with this dessert-smelling strain.

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3. Gelato

Easily identifiable from its pink and purple spots, this is an excellent anxiety reliever. The name can be deceptive as nothing in this strain is reminiscent of any ice cream. The smoke is, however, still sweet but with musk in the background. Its effects are predominantly mental.

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4. Trainwreck

Contrary to its name, this one will put you in a great mood. With around 28 percent THC, Trainwreck will give you immense highs. Holding the smoke in longer when you take a hit and the good feelings will last longer. The strain is fast-acting and will take you to another world in minutes.

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5. Bruce Banner

The buds are quite fluffy in appearance and easily identifiable by their thin, threaded orange hairs. The strain is rich in THC and will have your whole body feeling stoned. It has a strong smell that you can catch a whiff of without unraveling the cover. 

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6. Pineapple Express

You won’t taste pineapple with this, but there is a sweet citrusy feel to this strain. Everyone loves it because of the soothing high it provides. Try not to smoke too much if you’re a  newbie. 

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