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5 Vegas Cannabis Strains You Should Smoke October 2020

As you enjoy yourself in Las Vegas, you can legally try some amazing cannabis strains that will blow your mind to the clouds. This month, check out these fire buds:

1. Tangilope

Tangilope is among the city s most sought-after cannabis strains. Seriously, it works miracles. You get to experience overwhelming cool feelings topped with utter relaxation and upliftment. Those lucky enough to have tried this strain have nothing but good praise; a sense of energy and happiness are among the reported responses. If you intend to go out, socialize and have mad fun or want to stay productive in your day-to-day activities in Vegas, tangilope should be in your back pocket.

2. Super Soul Diesel

This is another top hybrid strain that you should absolutely try out. It is a cross of Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze and guarantees a feeling of creativity with a touch of euphoria. Super Soul Diesel is a potent strain that delivers strong cerebral effects that might be too much if you are a first-timer. However, if you are a typical user, be ready for a happy, confident, and energetic feeling. You will socialize like never before.

3. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is the ultimate strain if you want to clear your head from the worries of this world. It takes away your headaches and converts them to a feeling of blissfulness, clear-headedness, and euphoria. This award-winning bud is among the most used strains associated with handling mental and physical pain. If you want to start your day with energy and sharp focus, this is the ideal strain for you.

4. Strawberry Lemonade

Are you looking for a clear head to focus on your work? Well, Strawberry Lemonade comes in handy to help you out. This cannabis strain delivers a strong cerebral feeling of euphoria and energy bursts that you undoubtedly need to be productive. It helps you to focus better and instills feelings of happiness through and through. If you want to explore the beauties of Vegas, bring along some Strawberry Lemonade.

5. Khalifa Kush

How about hitting a strain recognized by your icons? This hit was inspired by hip hop star Wiz Khalifa. It delivers feelings of happiness, relaxation, upliftment, and boosts your energy levels. Khalifa Kush is the ideal strain if you want to socialize and have fun. With THC levels of about 29%, this strain is recommended for experienced users.

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