5 Toughest Opponents the Las Vegas Golden Knights Have Beaten So Far

The Las Vegas Golden Knights have a very impressive streak of wins against quality opponents. Check out their biggest victories this season!

#5 November 11: 3-2 victory over the Minnesota Wild

This might have looked like just another regular-season game for the Las Vegas Golden Knights, but the implications would mean so much!. Keep in mind that this was the same Minnesota Wild that forced the Knights into a game seven in the first round of the postseason last year. The same team that is now fourth place in the Central Division and could make another playoff run. This means they will likely be an opponent the Knights run into during the postseason.

When the two teams met for their November 11 matchup, there was an intensity in the air. However, the Golden Knights would thrive on that pressure, shutting the Wild out in the first two periods of the game. As for the offense, Jonas Rondbjerg, Paul Cotter, and Johnathan Marchessault combined for three goals and one assist that day. 

#4 December 5: 3-2 victory against the Calgary Flames

The landscape of the sports world is ever-changing, meaning new opponents will rise to the top and pose a challenge. This year that team is the Calgary Flames, who went from a 26-27 record last season to currently standing 17-10 and in the hunt for their divisional crown. That s what makes them such an important opponent for the Las Vegas Golden Knights. 

This game was probably closer than some fans want to admit, but the Knights were once again able to shut out their opponents in the two opening periods. The Flames tried to mount a comeback in the closing minutes of the matchup, but the Knights put a stop to that with Nicolas Roy and Evgenii Dadonov putting up points in the final period. This was a very impressive victory for the Golden Knights and proved without a doubt that they would be competitive if they met the Flames in the playoffs.

#3 January 6: 4-1 victory against the New York Rangers–KAqmIw

Thanks to the NHL going back to a regular schedule in 2022, the Las Vegas Golden Knights got a chance to test themselves against opponents outside of their division and conference. On January 6, the Knights tore the Rangers a new one in a 5-1 victory. This remains one of the Knights’ most significant wins in out-of-conference play this season and could be a sign that they will go far in the postseason.  

#2 October 26: 4-2 victory against the Colorado Avalanche.

The Colorado Avalanche and The las Vegas Golden Knights went to war in a postseason battle last year, and neither team came out the same. While the Golden Knights were able to topple the Avalanche 4-2 in the second round of the playoffs, both teams pushed each other to their absolute limits. Fast forward to 2021, though, and the Knights picked up a pretty surprising win over the Avalanche on October 26.

What was particularly noticeable about this win is the fact that the Golden Knights were dealing with a myriad of injuries and had to rely on Reily Smith, Chandler Stephenson, and Evgenii Dadonov to put up points. Another big story in this game was Robin Lehner only allowing one goal to cross his net in 27 shots sent his way, proving he could stand tall against a divisional rival any day of the week. 

#1 October 29: 5-4 shootout victory against the Anaheim Ducks

It’s no secret that divisional matchups are going to take priority here, and it’s for this reason that the Las Vegas Golden Knights’ victory over the Anaheim Ducks is so significant. Not only did it demonstrate that Las Vegas had their opponent’s number, but it also showed that they could deliver in a pressure-packed situation. Add in the fact that they won during an overtime shootout, and you can see why this stands as one of their biggest victories of the year. It is also a promising sign for if these two teams meet when the postseason begins

William Carrier, Reily Smtih, Nicolas  Hague, and Chandler Stephenson all grabbed goals on this night and Robin Lehner allowed four of 38 shots to pass into his net. The Knights probably could have done even better if they weren’t dealing with a myriad of injuries at that point in the season. Still, a victory against a divisional rival is very impressive. Now imagine what they can do when the whole team is together?

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