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5 Tips for Your First Time at a Cannabis Dispensary

If you love weed, you’re in luck- it’s legal in Vegas. You can freely enjoy your favorite marijuana strain without friction with the boys in blue. Even better, there are many cannabis dispensaries at your disposal. If it’s your first time buying weed, the following recommended tips come in handy:

1. Bring Your Identification Along

Like any other adult establishments such as bars, a cannabis dispensary will demand to see your government-issued identification. You can show your driver s license or passport to verify that you are above the age of 21. You cannot buy marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes if you are below 21 years without a special permit. Consequently, without proper identification, you will not be served. Moreover, for medical purposes, remember to bring along a valid medical marijuana card with relevant instructions from a medical practitioner.

2. Do Some Prior Research

It is imperative to do some prior research before hitting any cannabis dispensary. There are many credible establishments in Vegas, but researching before the actual visit helps you identify the best spots. Even better, you know which dispensaries offer which strains and the prices. The research will also give you information about the needed documents and the rules you are expected to follow at the spot. Moreover, having some prior knowledge of a dispensary will provide you with the confidence to navigate flawlessly.

3. Be Patient

A visit to any Vegas cannabis dispensary presents you the opportunity to check out limitless strain options and cannabis-infused products as well as engage budtenders on-site. As such, you will need time to explore such riches. Moreover, the joints are a hotspot for both locals and visitors; this means you might be prompted to wait in line for your turn to get served. Remember, a visit to a cannabis dispensary is a perfect learning and exploration opportunity, so set aside enough time.

4. Bring Cash

Cannabis is considered illegal in many states; hence most dispensaries prefer cash payments. Before you hit the site, consider stopping at the ATM and withdrawing some cash. Prior research will have given you an idea of the prices of whatever germ you are looking for so you will know just the right amount to bring along. You could also contact the relevant establishment to learn their preferred payment methods.

5. Ask Questions

The available dispensaries in Sin City have some of the most kind and helpful budtenders you can ever meet. Such come in handy to answer your questions and help you accordingly. Asking questions will help you to acquire not only the right products but also learn a thing or two about the myriads of strains and products available.

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