5 Spots to Park Your RV in Las Vegas

Exploring Las Vegas with an RV or van? Here are some top spots to park

1. Mandalay Bay

Many casino garages cannot accommodate these huge vehicles because of low clearance. Luckily, at Mandalay Bay, there’s a huge oversize lot where you can park for $30 a day. However, it’s a good idea to check in advance if a parking spot is available because they fill up fast. If you are smart about it, you can get away with spending the night in your vehicle.

2. Walmart

Many people with RVs will think of locating a Walmart if not sure where to park in a new town. The Walmart parking lots accommodate these huge motor homes short term. Different Walmart locations have different policies about overnight parking for RVs. In Las Vegas, the Walmart on Boulder Highway is one of the few that allow overnight parking on their premises. You can comfortably park here, stock up on supplies without worrying about your vehicle and get back on the road when you are ready.

3. The Excalibur and the Mirage

These two properties owned by MGM Resorts have oversized parking. Any guests staying at Excalibur or Mirage can park their RV here. There are ideal locations since can stay at one of the hotels, play at the casinos, and run errands within the city while your RVs remain safely parked. The availability of parking here is guaranteed as long as you stay at one of the MGM properties, so you do not have to check for availability prior. 

4. Circus Circus RV Park

Las Vegas can be expensive, so it’s an incredible feeling to find perks such as free parking for your RV. Circus Circus RV park offers free self-parking, so you are likely to meet more people from the RV community here. The park also has several camp spots with RV hookups, making it very convenient for RV travelers. 

5. Love’s Truck Stop RV Parking

Love’s is a country-wide chain, and they are effortless to spot with their black, yellow, and red signage. RV owners love these as they offer free parking, and you can leave your rig here without worry. The stops come in handy to fill up gas reserves and buy snacks, drinks, and other essential things. You can park your RV here to rest and even spend the night. The only downside is that there is much movement from other RVs and trucks on the move creating disturbances. However, as a temporary stop, it’s an ideal place to pull over, check your oil and water levels, and examine tires as you proceed with your trip.

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