5 Players Who Might Destroy the Las Vegas Golden Knights in 2022

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are leading their division and on their way to another playoff run, but that could all come unraveled if these five players don’ step up!

#5 Logan Thompson

Despite Robin Lehner and Laurent Brossoit combining to be one of the most steady goalie combinations in the league, even they can t always carry the Las Vegas Golden Knights! That s why Logan Thompson was brought in for a game, but things didn t end all that well. In fact, Thompson managed to let three goals past him in a game against Nashville. This is not a great start for Thompson s season and could lead to him being a liability in the playoffs. It also shows a sort of unreliability when the chips are down and he is needed to step up. Look for that to play a factor in whether he actually gets more playing time this season or not.

#4 William Karlson

While William Karlson was an intricate part of the Las Vegas Golden Knights‘ regular-season success in 2020, especially with 14 goals and 25 assists, he hasn’t managed that same success this year.

Unfortunately for Karlsson, he’s only amassed six goals and seven assists in 29 starts for the team. Of course, there is always room for improvement, and he could come alive during the postseason, but he is pretty much a nonfactor for the Golden Knights right now.

#3 Max Pacioretty

Las Vegas Golden Knights Forward, Max Pacioretty is the kind of player that you can build a team around, which is why having him out of the lineup so many times this season has been damaging.

He’s played in 17 games this season, racking up 12 goals and nine assists. His injuries throughout the 2021 season greatly affected those numbers. Despite his potential, Pacioretty could be an injury risk. He’s already taken a lot of hard hits, and one more could knock him out for the year.

#2 Jack Eichel

It’s no secret that the Las Vegas Golden Knights are anxiously awaiting Jack Eichel’s debut. Eichel was a brilliant scorer and assist maker with the Buffalo Sabres, meaning he could do the same for the Golden Knights.

Still, this is a man who recently had neck fusion surgery and took the ice for the first time in months last week. Eichel is a gift and a curse in the same breath. He could be the key to power-play points, or he might never return to his former glory.

#1 Robin Lehner

Can Robin Lehner help lead the Las Vegas Golden Knights to their first championship as an organization? The goalie has been instrumental in helping the team over the last two years but has had trouble carrying the load at times. He even had trouble as a backup for Marc-Andre Fleury during last year’s postseason, leading to some to wonder if the problem lies within Lehner himself. Does he have what it takes to take the team to a title?

He’s been having mixed results this season and could be a liability in the future. Whether that has to do with his injury problems or performance issues remains to be seen, but it doesn’t seem like he’s worth betting on in the long term.

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