5 NBA Players That Should Come to Las Vegas

Let’s build our dream team. These are the players Sin City needs if it gets an expansion team

#5 Nikola Vucevic- Center

5  NBA Players That Should Come to Las Vegas

Every super team needs a defensive anchor, and Nikola Vucevic is definitely the man for the job. Not only is that evident by the top-tier scoring numbers that he has put up in his time with the Orlando Magic, but also due to his ability to get the rebound on defense.  Then again, his average +/-  is -6, which could be a problem. With that being said, if Las Vegas were to do what the Orlando Magic weren’t and put good people around him, he would have a better chance at succeeding. He might even win that elusive first championship.

Tristan Thompson Power- Forward

5  NBA Players That Should Come to Las Vegas

Tristan Thompson might only add around 12.9 points per game, but he also shows versatility with 10.1 rebounds per game. He’s an above-average three-point shooter and has a very consistent field goal percentage. In fact, if Las Vegas could grab both Thompson and Vucevic, it would go a long way in creating a rebounding powerhouse.

Paul George- Shooting guard

5  NBA Players That Should Come to Las Vegas

Las Vegas will need a man that can score and help his team move the ball around, which is why they are going to need Paul George of the Los Angeles Clippers. While there are obviously a few other good players we can put here, George is another great rebounder and can create open shots for other players. If nothing else, George brings power to this team, and that’s what they need.

Tobias Harris- Small forward

5  NBA Players That Should Come to Las Vegas

Another big thing the Las Vegas team would need to focus on is depth on their roster, meaning that scorers like Tobias Harris would be almost essential to any team. Not only is that evident by his average of 20.8 points per game, but also due to how good he is at the three-point line Add in a field goal percentage of above 500. and the fact that he is a consistent rebounder, and you can start to see how important he would be. In fact, he could essentially act the sixth man for the team and really bring a lot of points off the bench.

#1 Lebron James Small forward

5  NBA Players That Should Come to Las Vegas

It’s no secret that Las Vegas will need a great deal of star power for their new expansion team, making Lebron James the man for the tough job. Of course, he will be in the twilight of his career at this point, leaving him limited in what he can do, but with the right pieces around him, James could still be successful.

What’s the appeal though? Although it’s impossible to know what’s going to make Lebron James say yes to a new team, you could probably say he would appreciate the new challenge. He could retire with the eventual multitude of championships he is bound to collect by then, or he could prove himself in a whole new scenario.

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