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5 Late Night Eats in Las Vegas

The real fun happens at night. Fuel up at these late-night spots

1. The Martini

5 Late Night Eats in Las Vegas

As much as you can get a Martini anytime from this outlet, there are vast food options to enjoy. For starters, the $15 filet mignon is ideal for dinner, and this deal is available between 12 am and 6 am. You can also try a delicious five-cheese macaroni or their drunken burgers. If you are on the Westside late in the night, consider visiting this restaurant for valuable meals. 

2. Starboard Tack

5 Late Night Eats in Las Vegas

Starboard Tack is a 24-hour restaurant that offers impressive dishes straight off the grill. Some bestsellers include grilled jerk wings with fries. They offer a special crab rangoon dip, calamari, oysters, loaded adobo fries, skewers, and more. Feel free to order a drink after your meal, and they have fantastic cocktails and beers.

3. Freedom Beat

5 Late Night Eats in Las Vegas

Freedom Beat at Downtown Grand Hotel enables customers to enjoy unique American specialties from all over the country. The restaurant remains open till midnight from Sunday to Thursday. Over the weekend, they stay open till 3 am, which allows customers to cater to their munchies’ cravings late into the night after partying or in between club-hopping. If you can’r make up your mind on what to order from their impressive menu, consider the pot roast sandwich that is full of flavor and served on sourdough bread. 

4. Tacos El Gordo

5 Late Night Eats in Las Vegas

Mexican snacks are a standard go-to late in the night when you crave a quick bite. Tacos El Gordo serves some of the best tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, and more. On Fridays and Saturdays, the taco shop remains open till 4 am. Sunday through to Thursday, the shop serves customers till 2 am. Please bring all your friends along for a hearty meal, and try out their carne asada fries on the side, which do not disappoint. 

5. Sloan’s Ice Cream

5 Late Night Eats in Las Vegas

Are you looking for a place to cool off or enjoy an ice cream treat dessert? Sloan’s at the Grand Canal Shoppes is the place for you. They remain open till 1 am every Friday and Saturday, and customers make the most of this opportunity to enjoy ice cream. There are many flavors to choose from, such as the southern butter pecan, pralines and cream, mont blanc, extraordinary vanilla, and others. They also have vegan choices.

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