5 Las Vegas Golden Knights Players Crushing 2021

If the Golden Knights are championship bound in 2021, these five men will be taking them there.

1. Alex Tuch

5 Las Vegas Golden Knights Players Crushing 2021

While Alex Tuch would only manage eight goals and nine assists for a total of 17 points last season, the longtime Golden Knight is starting to pick up production. Now that has only resulted in three goals and three assists so far, but we’re just getting started. He’s showing an uptick in performance and could be a crucial member of this team going forward.

2. Shea Theodore

5 Las Vegas Golden Knights Players Crushing 2021

Shea Theodore has proven to be a crucial cog in the Golden Knights machine and could help bring them towards a championship if this kind of play continues. Breaking it down,  Theodore holds three goals and four assists in seven games, has a +/- of 2, and has only logged two penalty minutes this year.  Unlike Tuch and Stone, Theodore is able to stay out of trouble more often and seems to know how to do some excellent play-making when the time calls for it.

Think about it! Seven total points in seven games, a +/- of six minutes, and one of the fewest PIM’s of the entire team? This is a man that can be counted on in crunch time. Nt perfect, not the superstar of the team, but a very crucial part of this championship formula. 

3. Max Paceriotty

5 Las Vegas Golden Knights Players Crushing 2021

It’s no secret that Max Pacioretty is a big part of this team’s offense- he proves it every single night he’s on the ice.  Between six goals in seven games and a +6 for his time on the ice, this is a man that can make things happen when he needs to.  Of course, he needs help to help set up the play, but he’s very capable of scoring every time he is on the ice. 

4. Marc Andre-Fluery

5 Las Vegas Golden Knights Players Crushing 2021

Believe it or not, there was a moment last season where things didn’t look too great for Marc Andre Fleury. In fact, the team was so unhappy with his play late last season that they traded for Robin Lehner. It even got to the point where the team favored Lehner, making it look like the Golden Knights would trade him during the offseason. However, that didn’t end up, and the two have gone on to be one of the best goalie combinations in the league.

As for Fleury, he is 3-0 as a starter this season and holds 61 saves during that time period. Beyond that, he has only been scored on three times this season and has yet to take a loss. He’s really tearing up the stat charts.

5. Mark Stone

5 Las Vegas Golden Knights Players Crushing 2021

What can be said about Mark Stone’s performance so far this season that hasn’t already been hyped up by hockey enthusiasts everywhere?  This is a man that notched  11 points so far this season, including two in the season opener against the Coyotes. Of course, many of those points were a part of the nine assists he’s contributed this season, but his +8 when on the ice is something that keeps this team’s offense going. He also knows how to make a play and get the puck to someone that can score. The guy could lead the team to a championship.

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