5 Las Vegas Aces Players to Watch in 2021

These are the women that will be making the most difference for the team in 2021.

1. #5 Dearica Hamby

5 Las Vegas Aces Players to Watch in 2021

Dearica Hamby is everything you would want in a WNBA player. She is someone that scores double-digit points per game, has an effective field goal percentage, and even puts the game on her back when needed, as evidenced by their series against the  Chicago Sky in 2019 when Hamby intercepted a last-second pass and scored from half-court to win the game. If nothing else, she’s one of those factors that you just can’t account for and should be very wary of when they step on the court. She might even earn the prestigious sixth woman honor for the third year in a row if she manages to come up big this season.

2. #4 Kelsey Plum

5 Las Vegas Aces Players to Watch in 2021

The name of the game is depth when it comes to the WNBA, and that is exactly what Kelsey Plum will bring to the team in 2021. While she was sidelined with an Achilles tendon injury in 2020, she is still a solid scorer, effective with free throws, and holds an above-average 3 point percentage. Of course, none of these will probably be enough to get her a long-term starting gig with the team, especially with only eight points per game in over 20 minutes, but she will be a highly coveted sixth woman as the season goes on.

3. A’ja Wilson

5 Las Vegas Aces Players to Watch in 2021

A’ja Wilson anchored the Las Vegas Aces during their darkest hours last season and turned them into glints of gold. In fact, Wilson was responsible for around 20 points per game, 8 rebounds per game, and had one of the best free throw averages. Furthermore, it was her scoring and leadership that helped the Aces make it to the playoffs. They even played a big role in them making it to the Finals. With all that in mind, what’s to stop her from leading the team to their first title with some of the best players in the entire league?

Seriously though, Aj’ja Wilson, Angel McCoungthry, Dearica Hamby, Liz Cambage,  Kayla McBride, Kelsey Plum, and Chelsea Grey all members of the Aces, who could stand in their way? Keep in mind that the Aces made it all the way to the finals last year, meaning they already had the pieces in place to go all the way. Now they have several championship-caliber weapons at their disposal, which could end up netting their first championship as an organization.

4. #2 Liz Camabge

5 Las Vegas Aces Players to Watch in 2021

It’s no secret that the Las Vegas Aces had a huge hole in their lineup left by starting center, Liz Cambage, and they were seemingly trying to fill it all season. Cambage ended up opting out of the season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving the team without their defensive anchor. Unfortunately for the Aces, the loss of  15 points, one block, and 8 rebounds a game was just too much of a loss, leaving them defenseless in the finals. With that being said, however, Cambage is returning to the team in 2021, which could make for one of the most iconic WNBA  comebacks of all time. All the pieces just seem to be in place for this woman to thrive this season.

5. #1 Chelsea Grey

5 Las Vegas Aces Players to Watch in 2021

The Las Vegas Aces made a huge splash in free agency by signing Chelsea Grey, and she is definitely one of those players that could help lead her team to a championship Not only is that evident by her averaging around 15 points per game in her last two seasons, but also by doing very well in assists and rebounds as well. While there is obviously an adjustment period at hand before these women learn to work together efficiently, the sky is the limit when you have talent like Chelsea Grey on your hands.

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