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5 High-End Vegas Thrift Stores

If you are looking to acquire some second-hand items to save a dime or two, Vegas got you covered. The Sin City has impressive thrift stores offering exceptional items you won’t believe are second-hand. Check out the following high-end stores for the best deals.

1. Wellspring Thrift Store

5 High-End Vegas Thrift Stores

Located at 3507 S Maryland Pkwy, Wellspring Thrift Store is among the best thrift stores you can ever shop in. They offer almost anything you might ever need; books, clothing, and electronics, among others, and all for competitive prices. For as low as $15, you can walk out with a beautiful piece of clothing that nobody will notice is second-hand.

2. Odds and Ends Thrift Store

5 High-End Vegas Thrift Stores

Odds and Ends Thrift Store is situated at 4460 N Rancho Dr and offers some items that you might never find in most other similar stores. If you are looking for vinyl records, DVDs, sports jerseys, or any form of memorabilia, this is the perfect store for you. Their staff members are the kindest and most friendly you will meet around and will happily help you find what you are looking for.

3. Take II Boutique

5 High-End Vegas Thrift Stores

If you are a conservative individual looking for clothing that fits your unique style, you should check out Take II Boutique at 3400 S Jones Blvd. The spot offers a variety of conservative attires that you might be interested in. Their staff is also courteous and helpful. You can contact them on (702) 876-8480 if you are looking for something unique and specific.

4. Chic & Cozy Consignment Furniture

5 High-End Vegas Thrift Stores

If you are up for some affordable second-hand furniture for your new Vegas home, Chic & Cozy Consignment Furniture should be your next stop. This is the newest and most affordable store in town, offering up to 50 % off the selling price on the items you will buy. Even better, the furniture is in great shape; nobody will tell you are flaunting used sofas!

5. Me n Mommy To Be

5 High-End Vegas Thrift Stores

Are you looking for some attire for your baby? Well, Me n Mommy To Be is the ideal spot for you. Located at 4960 S Fort Apache Rd, this store offers a variety of baby wear that you will love. From maternity wear, toys, shoes, books to gears, among other babywear and equipment you might need. They offer a 70% discount off marked retail pricing.

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