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5 Great Reasons to Follow ‘The Bronx Wanderers’ to Westgate (a Vegas411 exclusive)

A supercharged version of the NY family band is roaring up-Strip. Here’s why you should come along for the ride.

Ch-ch-ch-changes…this summer they’re coming fast and furious. Good thing that Vegas411.com is here to keep you abreast of everything in, around, above, and sometimes beneath the streets of Las Vegas. On the entertainment front, great news for fans of super-talented The Bronx Wanderers. After learning that their long-running show was on the notorious Caesars hit list, the family band is now proudly heading to Westgate Las Vegas.

Longtime fans have been eagerly awaiting news on where the production would land. Since word has gotten out, let’s look into five marvelous reasons why The Bronx Wanderers and Westgate Las Vegas are destined to make beautiful music together.

Westgate Has Been Offering Great Entertainment Since 1969

As Sin City’s first luxury megaresort, Westgate Las Vegas has been home to some of the biggest names in show business. From Barbra Streisand and Elvis Presley to current headliners Barry Manilow, Jen Kramer, SEXXY, Soul of Motown, and George Wallace, Westgate has drawn countless thousands from every demographic to its two showrooms.

Opened as the International Hotel in 1969, Westgate takes great pride in its entertainment history. Icons from Sin City’s golden era have walked the corridors of this resort, and the legendary “Elvis Suite” still exists atop its massive structure. Westgate’s rarely-seen archives hold priceless treasures that yours truly was fortunate enough to study for a 50th-anniversary magazine article.

In a time when so many Vegas hotels are downsizing their offerings and performers find themselves struggling for support, Westgate embraces and promotes its entertainment offerings as part of the family. Says Dawn Rawle, VP of Marketing and Entertainment, “This show is another great example of Westgate s commitment to providing the greatest range of top quality entertainment anywhere in Las Vegas.”

The Band Has Never Sounded Better

When other Vegas shows were quietly waiting to return or had permanently folded The Bronx Wanderers refused to become a faded memory. Throughout the pandemic, father Vinny Adinolfi, brothers Vin A. and Nick, and a cast of top-notch supporting players were creating new albums, performing custom streaming concerts, playing small venues, and staying sharp by taking their unique sound on the road.

As restrictions started to ease around Vegas, TBW found themselves contractually prevented from using their headliner title. So fans were treated to performances by “Vinny and Vin A.”, “VIN-demic” and even “The Bronx McWanderers”. From Harrah’s Carnaval Court to The Space and Italian American Club, The Bronx Wanderers were lifting spirits, bringing joy, and making terrific music.

Always a jokester, musical director Vin A. gave me his official view on what’s in store: “Like the Phoenix, we will rise from the ashes and give everything we’ve got to the already legendary Westgate Hotel. BRONX 2.0. coming soon!”. Which leads us to…

A Change Is Gonna Come

Very few successful bands remain intact. KISS, Van Halen, and countless other greats have successfully evolved as members come and go. Guitarist David Braun has decided to relocate to the green hills of Washington State, reducing the number of key players to a five-piece group. Vin A. will take over as lead guitarist, along with keyboard and vocals. He also promises a number of revisions:

“Absolutely changed the setlist. Kept our biggest hits but we are planning to incorporate more of our festival and Carnaval Court young hits. We’d like to see our fan base continue to grow, and not play the same old stuff for fourteen years. So many new things will be in the show, including our first-ever acoustic “unplugged” moment. Def updating the outfits and videos as well”.

A Sexy, Hard-Rocking New Attitude

All those hours on the sweltering summer Carnaval Court stage seem to have turned up the band’s internal thermostat. A newly-fit Vin A. regularly doffed his shirt (to the delight of screaming fans), and the band’s tip cup had to be super-sized into a bucket.

That rocker-dude attitude will most likely carry over into BRONX 2.0. As Vin tells it…”Let’s just say we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. But we’re definitely switching out the tires on our Cadillac and using monster truck wheels”. Well, okay, then!

Chart-Topping Hits From Every Decade

The Bronx Wanderers began as a tribute to performers who inspired patriarch Vinny…artists like The Four Seasons and Dion and the Belmonts.  Their songbook grew to include Vietnam-era protest songs, Beatles classics, and of course, Elvis Presley. These days, The Bronx Wanderers bring audiences to their feet with a spot-on version of Bohemian Rhapsody and the Bruno Mars crowd-pleaser Uptown Funk. 

Last summer’s HOME ALONE album rolled out fourteen new tracks that ran the gamut from Johnny Cash and Olivia Newton-John to J. Geils Band and Elton John. Vin A’s solo release VINDEMIC dabbled in “Mad World” by Tears for Fears…and a heart-wrenching take on “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” (Oasis). 

Whatever The Bronx Wanderers have in store for their new show at Westgate, you can be sure that it will appeal to audiences of all ages. 

The Bronx Wanderers will perform Monday through Thursday at 8:00 pm and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 5:30 pm at the Westgate Cabaret beginning September 20th. Tickets start at $49.95 (plus taxes/fees) and can be ordered here

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