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5 Dispensaries Near the Las Vegas Strip!

Since 2017, Sin City has gone green. If you re in Vegas and are looking for some cannabis, don t worry – It s completely legal in Nevada, even for recreational use. If you re in Vegas, odds are you re staying within the vicinity of the strip, so here are the 5 best cannabis dispensaries near the Las Vegas strip!

1. Essence

Essence is a thriving dispensary located at 2307 S Las Vegas Blvd. Given its convenient location near the Strip, it isn t the dispensary with the absolute best prices but offers a ton of different things. First, it has an indoor seating area in both its locations. Here, they serve customers as a bar or restaurant would, and have an almost infinite selection of strains to choose from. Apart from their in-store selection, which you can choose from and buy up to 2 ounces of, they also offer a wide catalog for deliveries, which is what they happen to be particularly well-known for. In all, Essence makes for an excellent stop and is a great representative of cannabis culture in the state of Nevada.

2. Jardin

Pronounced Har-deen, which is the Spanish word for garden, Jardin is a boutique dispensary, both in terms of how it looks, as well as the products they offer. At Jardin, you ll not only find the absolute finest strains, but also some very impressive, cool and desirable peripherals – glassware, pipes, little collectibles, and memorabilia are all very common here. Jardin may not look like a traditional dispensary, as it looks more like a boutique that sells luxury clothing, but is the perfect stop for some terrific green. If you re overwhelmed with a sense of choice, don t worry – Jardin has excellent staff who are very friendly and knowledgeable, and will walk you through everything you need to know!

3. Planet 13

Located at 2548 W Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, Planet 13 isn t your average dispensary! Given its location, which is Las Vegas, it s only right that they should strive to be as over-the-top as possible – at least that s what the owners of Planet 13 thought! Planet 13 is a theme park for cannabis and offers over 40,000 square feet of different experiences. From bud and hash to waxes and distillates, Planet 13 has a dedicated section for just about any kind of cannabis you can think of! About half of the entire space is dedicated to retail sales, and customers can navigate this area fairly easily. The rest of Planet 13 features a very interesting and psychedelic aesthetic, with a huge LED panel making up the ceiling and constantly changing colors, a huge water-bed with LEDs embedded into them and a ton of other psychedelics, late 60s-early 70s imagery that is sure to make any cannabis enthusiast smile! There’s also a restaurant and coffee shop.

4. Oasis

Oasis was one of the first enterprises to embrace the legalization of cannabis, and has been serving residents near the Las Vegas strip since day one! Unlike the other dispensaries, Oasis is much more akin to what you would imagine a dispensary would look like – It s a small area that focuses on delivery and order-to-pick-up practices, and also has a rewards program for loyal customers. Usually, you ll see a small line of people waiting to get in, as they deal with most clients one-on-one, and unlike some of the other dispensaries, don t have a lounge area for customers to sit down in. It is much more like a retail store and offers particularly renowned waxes, hash, and distillates, which makes it a fantastic option for people who prefer vaping or using wax in general.

5. REEF Dispensaries

With locations across Nevada and Arizona, Reef dispensaries are very popular in the region. Their principal store, or their flagship store, is, however, located in Las Vegas and is conveniently placed right near the Strip! Reef Dispensaries reflects the counterculture and sort of rebelliousness of cannabis culture, but also, is a tasteful and creative space that resembles a fancy and well-designed store. Unlike other dispensaries, Reef also grows their own product and swears by it, making it an excellent stop if you d like to try some new and unique strains! Finally, if you re into the music and hip-hop scene, you might end up meeting a ton of personalities in the space – Reef is owned and operated by the musician Berner, so if you re a fan, head over to Reef and check it out!

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