5 Questions the Las Vegas Raiders Need To Answer in 2021

These are the five biggest questions that the Las Vegas Raiders need to answer in 2021.

#5 Who shows up on the wide reciever depth chart

The Las Vegas Raiders had a lot of problems with moving the ball last year, meaning it was something they would definitely have to work on during the offseason. Fortunately for the Raiders, they acquired Kenyan Drake and other powerhouses,  giving them more options to play with. 

As for the tight end position, the organization has bright spots like Darren Wallner and Foster Moreau, who could both end up making an impact if quarterback Derek Carr manages to stay consistent.  Whether all this results in a better season or not remains to be seen.

#4 Did the Raiders’ defense make improvements

It’s no secret that the Las Vegas Raiders defense was one of the biggest things the team needed to address during the offseason, and it looks like they did.  It started with the 2021 NFL draft, where the Raiders acquired offensive lineman Alex Leatherwood and Safety Travis Moehring, who are both poised to impact the defense. The Raiders also signed Gerold McCoy and  Shaun  Crawford, only adding to their depth at defense. Will this be a team that can gel together, though? If not, they have a long season ahead of them.

#3 How strong is the running back duo of Joshua Jacobs and Keynan Drake

Joshua Jacobs and Kenyan Drake are expected to make a huge impact on offense in 2021, possibly even carrying the team to the playoffs. In fact, between Jacobs’ running and Drake’s ability to catch, they could be huge playmakers for this struggling offense. However, if they aren’t, the question will be, what needs to change for the Raiders to improve their running game? You’d have to imagine that everything is on the table in 2021.

#2 How long will Derek Carr last as starter?

Derek Carr might be one of the best quarterback talents in the league, but he is running out of time to prove it. Furthermore, after three seasons of subpar performances and struggling to get the offense rolling last year, there are a lot of reasons to believe he might not last in the starting role. In fact, Marcus Mariota could easily steal the role if Carr has a losing streak.

#1 Is Jon Gruden on the hotseat?

What has Jon Gruden done for the Vegas Raiders in his three-year tenure? Believe it or not, he’s currently 19-28 as head coach and had one of the worst defenses in the entire league last year. He has some of the best players in the NFL but can’t seem to put all the right pieces together and win a championship. He can’t even manage to turn in a winning season, with his closest attempt being an 8-8 record in  2020. Again, what has this guy done for the organization lately?

With that being said, and the Las Vegas Raiders entering a bit of a do-or-die situation this season, you have to wonder if Gruden is on the chopping block. Interestingly, General Manager Mike Mayock already told reporters that the team needed to win a championship this season, meaning he won’t put up with another lackluster performance. 

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