5 Biggest Las Vegas Sports Stories This Week (Nov 15- 21)

This is what down in Sin City sports this week, and some of it might leave you speechless

#5 Kurt Busch and Martin Truex Jr take part in next gen practice session at Charlotte Motor Speedway

5 Biggest Las Vegas Sports Stories This Week  (Nov 15- 21)

Kurt Busch and Martin Truex Jr took part in a two-day test session at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and while NASCAR officials were reportedly unsatisfied with the results, it was nice to see what the future of the sport would look like. Furthermore, it was fun hearing the drivers discuss the changes and what they are looking forward to when the new car is officially unveiled.

It accelerates quick, it stops quicker, it turns quicker, it s nimble, Busch said. All the lap time that s been gained is through the infield section with this independent rear suspension and the ability to shift quicker. Really, the car is more effective, and the car is more sensitive to changes and to feel you feel everything more vividly.

#4 Las Vegas Golden Knights unveil crazy cool new jerseys

5 Biggest Las Vegas Sports Stories This Week  (Nov 15- 21)

The Las Vegas Golden Knights unveiled their new retro jerseys this week, and while sometimes teams miss the mark with these kinds of gimmicks, that was not the case here. In fact, between the jersey paying homage to Las Vegas s past, and the color scheme of the entire thing, it s just something that fans will be excited about.

According to, the red color is in honor of the Las Vegas Wranglers, who competed in Vegas between 2003 and 2014. The Thunder apparently inspires the jersey’s striping, and the uniform even has the number 95 on it to commemorate their best season. Lastly, the jersey is said to pay homage to Manon Rheaume, the first female hockey player in the NHL.

In the end, the jerseys will be worn periodically throughout the season and might end up selling out on due to how badass they look.

#3 Dallin Leavitt calls out health department over Covid-19 test

5 Biggest Las Vegas Sports Stories This Week  (Nov 15- 21)

Anything is possible in the brave new world of COVID-19, and that includes NFL players calling out their health departments for lying. According to an Instagram post by Dallin Leavitt, he was called by the Nevada Health department, who claimed he had tested positive for Covid-19

The only problem was that he was tested by his employer, the Las Vegas Raiders, multiple times and tested negative. Leavitt then told the health department he worked for the Raiders and thought they were lying to him. He went on to claim that he thought it was a political stunt on the health s departments part.

I got a call from the Nevada Health Department saying I tested positive for COVID, Leavitt said. I told them that I get tested every single day by my work and they would have known prior. I told them I played for the Raiders and they realized they got caught in a lie. When I called them out for this saying it was a lie they told me it was a mistake, Leavitt said. They said all of my tests are negative. To me, they are calling folks who aren t positive and telling them they tested positive.

#2 Ben Beshore tapped as Kyle Busch’s new crew chief

5 Biggest Las Vegas Sports Stories This Week  (Nov 15- 21)

Change is an important part of sports, and NASCAR is no different. That s why JGR announced this week that Kyle Busch and longtime crew chief, Adam Stevens, will be parting ways. Stevens will move to the #20 car and work with Christopher Bell. As for Busch, he will now be teamed with Ben Beshore, who was a former engineer turned crew chief in the Xfinity Series.

While splitting up a combination that won two championships together seems risky, especially since Busch seems to be on the decline, it could also be reinvigorating to his career. In fact, what if Beshore is the missing piece that Kyle Busch needs to get back into title contention? We won’t know that until they try.

In the end, Kyle Busch s career is a turning point. He will either continue being the dominant force that he always has or decline further in the coming days. Either way, a crew chief change is a big deal, and hopefully, Beshore will be helpful to Busch. If not, however, it might be time to start thinking about finding a new driver.

#1 Las Vegas Golden Knights pass out food to families in need

5 Biggest Las Vegas Sports Stories This Week  (Nov 15- 21)

It s no secret that the holidays are a time for giving, and while we sometimes forget to do that, the Las Vegas Golden Knights gave back to their community this week by teaming with the help of Southern Nevada. Select players from the team were available to help with loading and distributing meals to more than 800 families in the Las Vegas area.

In the end, it s nice to see the Las Vegas Golden Knights continue to do good in their community and help citizens of Las Vegas. It is even cooler they are braving a pandemic to do so. Not only does that prove that the Golden Knights are thankful for their fanbase and the city that hosts them, but it also shows just how powerful sports can be in the community.

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