5 biggest Heroes in Las Vegas Sports (#1 Might Surprise You)

These are the heroes that the Las Vegas sports world can’t get enough of!

#5 Kyle Buch: Las Vegas native and 2 time NASCAR Cup Series champion

Kyle Busch holds a special place in the Las Vegas sports world. While he is known far and wide as a villain of the NASCAR community, he is arguably one of the best drivers since Dale Earnhardt.  The Las Vegas native’s crash at Daytona International Speedway in 2015 and subsequent title run have endeared him to many as one of the toughest drivers in the sport’s history.

#4 Marc- Andre Fleury: former Las Vegas Golden Knights goalie

Marc-Andre Fleury might not be a Las Vegas Golden Knight anymore, but that doesn t mean fans don t miss him.  He was the driving for behind the net for two years and started in ten straight playoff games in 2021. Fleury deserves every bit of praise that was heaped on him. He even won the Vezina Trophy.

#3 A ja Wilson: Las Vegas Aces Power Forward

There s just something about Las Vegas Aces Power Forward that screams hero. She was drafted to Las Vegas in 2018 and helped the team to a playoff berth three of her first four seasons.

Wilson is on the cusp of greatness, and she will cement that by winning the WNBA Championship sometime soon. She is just too talented and too much of a fan favorite not to succeed.

#2 Derek Carr: Las Vegas Raiders Quarterback

While Derek Carr used to be blamed for holding the Las Vegas Raiders back from the postseason, he changed the narrative in 2021 after having one of his best seasons in years. The Las Vegas Quarterback’s numbers were so impressive that he ranked in the top ten for passing yards. He also did all this despite many of his favorite receivers being out.

Carr acted like a leader last year.  His press conferences were a masterclass in positive exposure, and his attitude was something that uplifted players and Las Vegas sports fans alike. 

#1 Rich Bissacia: former Las Vegas Raiders interim head coach

It s no secret that Rich Bisaccia was the captain of the ship during the Las Vegas Raiders 2021 season, and he got the organization through some tough times. In fact, between leading the team to an 8-5 record and earning a playoff spot in the process, Bissacia was the glue that held everything together. That s what endeared him to Las Vegas fans in such a short period. He just rose to the occasion and did everything he could to move things forward.

Keep in mind that the Raiders were going through many off-field issues, including Jon Gruden s email scandal and Henry Ruggs’ DUI. Bissicia stepped up and helped the team climb into a wildcard spot. Unfortunately for Bissiacia, it wasn t enough to win him the head coaching job, but it is enough to put him down as one of the biggest heroes in Las Vegas sports history.

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