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5 Best Seafood Spots in Vegas

If you love seafood, Vegas won’t disappoint. The city is a hotspot of the best seafood restaurants in the country. From your favorite sushi to tasty shrimp, the city’s got you covered. Check out the following spots:

1. Lakeside Restaurant

5 Best Seafood Spots in Vegas

Lakeside is a Hawaii-style seafood spot on Wynn s Lake of Dreams. They offer some of the freshest fish you can find in Vegas, caught in Hana, and flown straight to the city Some of the incredible seafood options on their menu include lobster bisque, Lakeside seafood salad, or king crab with avocado. Even better, they offer a variety of other meals such as steaks and chicken in case a family member is not a fan of seafood. Try their signature oven-baked king lobster served with yuzu-basil or harissa butter. 

2. Water Grill Las Vegas

5 Best Seafood Spots in Vegas

Water Grill is widely known on the Strip for its amazing meals that feature great and fresh seafood options. Moreover, they have the best raw bar in the city with multiple varieties of mussels, scallops, clams, oysters, and chilled stone crab. You can also try their tantalizing sushi and quality appetizers, including tortellini, oyster Rockefeller, chorizo, clams, and a variety of entrees such as mahi-mahi caponata. 

3. Other Mama

5 Best Seafood Spots in Vegas

Chef Daniel Krohmer knows his craft and will wow you with his incredible seafood works or art. I mean five-star quality seafood dishes you will never get elsewhere. Be keen to try out the tuna tartare, waffle fries, deviled eggs with fried oysters, and their signature French toast caviar. If a friend cannot catch the seafood vibe, let them try the Japanese fried chicken and kimchi fried rice.

4. Nobu

5 Best Seafood Spots in Vegas

Nobu, located inside Caesars Palace, might not be your typical seafood restaurant, but their sushi is next-level. The spot deserves the label ultimate sushi bar owing to its incredible sushi entrees. Try out their sashimi; it is the freshest and tastiest you will get anywhere.

5. Maestro s Ocean Club

5 Best Seafood Spots in Vegas

Maestro s Ocean Club is the home of top seafood creations. Although located far away from the coast, they provide a rich menu of seafood for your satisfaction. For your appetizers, you can choose a lobster cocktail, shrimp cocktail, vanilla batter shrimp, snow crab claws, ahi tuna, or oysters on the half shell. For the main meal, consider the lobster tails, salmon, sole, or sea bass. T

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