5 Best Running Trails Near Las Vegas

Trail running is an excellent way to combine the outdoors and running. Las Vegas running trails are insanely popular because of their gorgeous backdrop. Below are several of these trails. All are excellent for walking or running. Venture out on one of these five great running trails and see Vegas from a different viewpoint:

1. Pittman Wash Trail

The Pittman Wash Trail is a 4m track stretching from Arroyo Grande Blvd to Pebble Road. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it runs along the Pittman Wash. It is effortless to access with car parking at three spots: Silver Springs Recreation Center, Arroyo Grande Sports Complex, and the Pecos-Legacy Park.

2. Railroad Tunnel Trail

The trailhead is found at Lake Mead, SE of the entrance to Boulder Beach. The Railroad Tunnel Trail provides an excellent sunrise run with its striking views and clear, crisp air. Bring Fido because leashed dogs are welcome on the gravel alley.

3. River Mountains Loop Trail

The entire trail is 35 miles long and circles around Boulder City, Lake Mead, and Henderson. If you’re searching for a weekend escape from the city,this is a beautiful place to consider. You can find camping areas near the Lake Mead zone of the trail if you want to stay overnight.

4. Bristlecone Trail, Mount Charleston

You won’t find paved pathways on this run; consequently, it’s vital to watch your feet and wear proper shoes. If you’re looking for a trail with clean, pure air far away from town, this place is ideal. The path has been featured in the Vegas Track Club’s Annual Forest Challenge.

5. Red Rock Canyon

Anybody preparing for a marathon should consider running alongside the picturesque, scenic loop drive in Red Rock Canyon. The route is made up of sharp declines and inclines capable of preparing anyone for huge hills. Several of the trails can be crowded depending on the time of day.

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