5 Memorable Plays From the Las Vegas Raiders’ 2020 season.

Join us as we break down the top five best plays of the season

1. #5 Josh Jacobs six-yard touchdown against Panthers

5 Memorable Plays From the Las Vegas Raiders’ 2020 season.

Josh Jacobs took it to the house on three separate occasions against the Carolina Panthers, but it was his final visit that was enough to lift the Las Vegas Raiders to victory. While Jacobs s ability to punch the ball in for a score was very impressive, it was overshadowed by the fact that the Raiders now had a handful of defensive problems to deal with. Great way to start the year for the sophomore though.

There is still a lot I can convert, said Jacobs, who put on a spectacular performance against the Carolina Panthers I know there were a couple of plays I look back and, man, I missed the hole, I missed the backdoor cut. Things like that.

2. #4 Derek Carr s 59-yard pass to Nelson Agholor against the Chiefs

5 Memorable Plays From the Las Vegas Raiders’ 2020 season.

There will just always be something about that first game against the Chiefs that remains a happy memory from the 2020 season. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the Raiders managed to hand the Super Bowl champions their first loss of the season, but it was just so satisfying to watch the Raiders make their first big splash in Las Vegas.

And it all started when the Raiders were down 14-3 to the Chiefs and fans were starting to give up. Fortunately for fans, however, Derek Carr would connect with Nelson Agholor for a 59-yard touchdown, which would put them only down by four. This was a big part of the Raiders’ comeback in that game and allowed them to make a statement by beating the Chiefs 40-32.

3. #3 Derek Carr’s four–yard pass to Hunter Renfrow against the Browns

5 Memorable Plays From the Las Vegas Raiders’ 2020 season.

Believe it or not, the Browns were one of the better teams in the NFL this year, which means the Raiders had a lot to prove in their game against them. Of course, things started with both teams kicking two field goals to tie the score at six, but it would be the Raiders who would finally breakthrough in the third quarter.

This time, it was a four-yard pass from Carr to Hunter Renfrow, who was more than happy to bring it in for a score. This would put the Raiders up 13-6 over the Browns and eventually lead to their victory. This wasn t the Raiders’ best offensive effort, but it stood as proof that the team could get the job done when it mattered.

4. #2 two- yard scramble by Marcus Mariota for a touchdown

5 Memorable Plays From the Las Vegas Raiders’ 2020 season.

Marcus Mariota didn t get a lot of playing time this season, but he did a lot with the time he was given on the field. It was Marcus Mariota s two-yard scramble for a touchdown that really showed just how much heart the former Heisman still had.

Now, the Raiders would come up short in this game against the Chargers, but what Mariota showed was amazing. It might even be enough to force the Raiders into making Mariota the starter for 2021 if Derek Carr can t work on his consistency issues.

5. #1 Josh Jacobs’ two-yard run for the touchdown and the win

5 Memorable Plays From the Las Vegas Raiders’ 2020 season.

It s no secret that the Las Vegas Raiders didn t exactly have a lot to hang their hat on after the 2020 season concluded, but that doesn’t mean the team didn t have its highlights. One of the biggest bright spots of the season was the continued success of Josh Jacobs. Despite lackluster play from his team, he always held his own and worked hard to give his team the edge.

With that being said, and another season in the books, why not end this list how we started it? Josh Jacobs deserves this spot on the list for a gutsy two-yard run that included him jumping over defenders to get to the endzone. That moment showed the never-say-die spirit of the Raiders and gave fans hope for the future.

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