5 Best Hoover Dam Tours

Hoover Dam is among the largest dams in the world but what sets it apart from the rest is the impressive attractions it offers to Vegas locals and visitors. Some of the best tours centered around this dam include:

1. Deluxe or Shuttle Tour from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam

5 Best Hoover Dam Tours

A tour to the Hoover Dam from Vegas is both an entertaining and educative endeavor that you should try out. You not only enjoy scenic views but also learn about this dam. As soon as you get to the dam, you watch a short video of the dam s history as you enjoy a view of Lake Mead below. For a more involving experience, you can tour on Deluxe, which takes you to other nearby attractions such as the legendary Ethel M Candy Factory and a nearby botanic cactus garden.

2. Small-Group Tour, Hoover Dam Top to Bottom

5 Best Hoover Dam Tours

This tour presents you with the most intimate and personal experience you can ever wish for. If you are looking for peace and calm away from the noisy crowds, this is the ideal tour for you. You get to learn about the dam, its construction history, and the engineering involved and enjoy a boat ride down the Colorado River. Moreover, you enjoy spectacular views of the bypass above and the dark blue waters of Lake Mead. Even better, a visit to Boulder City is also on the menu.

3. Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Bus Tour

5 Best Hoover Dam Tours

This tour presents the magnificent Grand Canyon, a world wonder that you should see. It further extends to the Hoover Dam for a photography session.  As you cruise through the Southwest Desert, you enjoy fantastic views of the natural landscapes, including the Hoover Dam. You finally stop at the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon, which is a sight to behold. Magical landscapes and physical features to the satisfaction of your eyes. 

4. Hoover Dam Trike Tour

5 Best Hoover Dam Tours

This is another impressive tour that presents you with the opportunity to explore the fantastic views of the Hoover Dam. It kicks off in the Boulder City and cuts across the dam with scenic views of Lake Mead and Memorial Bridge at your disposal.

5. Grand Canyon Multi-Stop Guided Tour from Vegas

5 Best Hoover Dam Tours

The Grand Canyon Multi-Stop Guided Tour takes you from Vegas to the Grand Canyon through the Southwest Desert on the iconic Route 66 with stops at the Hoover Dam. You will experience incredible views of the Grand Canyon from the Bright Angel Lodge and the Mather Point and later take beautiful photos at the Hoover Dam on your way back to the Sin City. 

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