5 Awesome Road Trips from Las Vegas

Are you sick of partying all night and drinking all day? Do you want something else to look at, besides nightclubs and bars? Then, no worries! Here are five awesome and unforgettable road trips that you can take to escape the glitz and glamour of the casinos and relish the surrounding beauty of Las Vegas.

1. Nelson Ghost Town and Eldorado Canyon Gold Mine (45 miles)

5 Awesome Road Trips from Las Vegas

If you want to take a look at how life was back in the olden days, then the Nelson Ghost Town, as well as the Eldorado Canyon Gold Mine, is definitely worth a visit. This disused mining town has a ton of historic sights, from rusted cars to crashed airplanes. A tour into the gold mine will also make for an exciting adventure, especially since this was considered to be the richest mine in Nevada and was used for almost 80 years until the start of World War II.

Road Trip: 45 minutes from Las Vegas

2. Lake Mead and Hoover Dam (39 miles)

5 Awesome Road Trips from Las Vegas

For those of you who are tired of the bright lights of Las Vegas and want a more relaxing excursion, then visiting nearby Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam is highly recommended. This world-famous installation allows Sin City to keep the lights on, despite it being located in the heart of one of the driest deserts found on Earth. Lake Mead is also the largest water reservoir in the United States, boasting glorious sunsets that you won t find anywhere else.

Road Trip: 55 minutes from Las Vegas

3. Death Valley National Park (126 miles)

5 Awesome Road Trips from Las Vegas

This particular National Park has been declared an International Dark Sky Park, which means that it has no artificial light, allowing visitors a phenomenal view of the galaxies and constellations in the sky. During the day, temperatures here are fiery hot, although the beautiful landscapes found here are well worth the heat. From dried out salt flats to sand dunes, a trip to Death Valley National Park should be on everyone s bucket list.

Road Trip: 2 hours from Las Vegas

4. Grand Staircase – Escalente National Monument (245 miles)

5 Awesome Road Trips from Las Vegas

Declared a National Monument in 1996, the Grand Staircase-Escalante is a sprawling wilderness site and is largely considered to be one of the least explored parts of the country. There are a ton of incredible sights here, including the Zebra Slot Canyon, with its towering striped rocks, and the Devil s Garden, whose massive rock formations are something to marvel at. Without a doubt, this is a road trip that you ll never forget.

Road Trip: 3 hours 45 minutes from Las Vegas

5. Joshua Tree National Park (187 miles)

5 Awesome Road Trips from Las Vegas

Situated approximately halfway between Las Vegas and San Diego, the Joshua Tree National Park is arguably one of the most beautiful places in this region of the United States. Named after the breathtaking and one-of-a-kind trees that grow here, this will definitely make for the perfect sightseeing spot. More than that, though, the amazing natural landscapes here will allow you to relax and wind down from the stressful week that you ve just had.

Road Trip: 3 hours 10 minutes from Las Vegas

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