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5 Authentic Asian Restaurants in Las Vegas

Enjoy traditional and innovative Asian cuisine in Las Vegas

1. Yummy Rice

Indeed you can enjoy delicious rice meals at Yummy Rice. It is located at Shanghai plaza and adopts unique Cantonese-style recipes to deliver flavourful meals. A notable dish here is the sticky rice served in a pot. The rice cooks at the bottom of the pot, soaking in all the flavors. Some other menu items include minced pork with egg served with egg custard, vegetables, and a daily side dish. Chicken Katsu is also popular.

2. Kame Omakase

Kame Omakase, a restaurant by Eric Kim features authentic omakase-style dining that oozes affluence and sophistication. The restaurant has varying tasting menus that allow guests to indulge in different Japanese specialties. You need to make a reservation in advance. There are two seatings between 6 and 8 pm and the second one between 8:30 and 10:30 pm.

3. FukuBurger

Enjoy burgers with a Japanese touch at Fukuburger, located in Chinatown. It is an excellent opportunity to infuse Japanese and American flavors. Some top choices are the Tamago, the ‘egg’ burger, or the Buta, the ‘pig’ burger. Pair your meal with a side of jazz fries which make the perfect combo. There is another location at S Buffalo Lane.

4. Banana Leaf Caf

Do you enjoy Malaysian cuisine? Head to Banana Leaf Caf at Shangai Plaza Chinatown and sample various authentic Malaysian dishes. They have satay chicken, Malaysian-style spare ribs, and rice dishes including Banana Leaf Nasi Lemak, Seafood fried rice, etc. Beverages include lychee drinks, Malaysia iced coffee, and more.

5. Izakaya Go

Izakaya Go is one of the most famous Japanese restaurants located in Chinatown. The restaurant operates till the wee hours of the night, closing at around 2 am. You can grab a quick bite, such as their tasty skewers, or opt for a larger meal from the many options available on the menu. Enjoy the best of sushi rolls and burritos, sashimi, salads, salted or teriyaki salmon, Saba (Norwegian mackerel), barbecue rib, and more.

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