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10 Weird Facts About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world to visit. A few weird facts about the city that you might not know about include:

1. Numerous Wedding Chapels

 Many people have been lucky enough to tie the knot in Vegas during a romantic getaway or after eloping with their partner. You might be surprised that there are fifty wedding chapels spread out in different parts of the city, a large number when you consider the town’s size.

2. Tourists Influx

The city is one of the most visited cities in the world. Statistics suggest that the city hosts up to 42 million people annually, all of who come to have a good time and enjoy what Vegas offers. 51.5 million people go through the Harry Reid Airport.

3. Home of Conventions

The city hosts over twenty thousand conventions each year in different categories. This number is quite significant compared to other cities. These conventions attract approximately 6.6 million people each year, contributing to the annual revenue.

4. Numerous Hotel Rooms

There are more than 150,000 rooms in the city. The occupancy rate is around 88.9% at any given time, which shows how busy the city can be. If you plan to travel to Las Vegas, book your room in advance.

5. Big Casino Wins

The gambling scene in the city is immense. However, few people realize how big it can get. The city has record wins of up to $39 million played at slots at Excalibur. Players also take significant risks, with the highest recorded bet in the city being $250,000 a few years back at Golden Gate Casino.

6. Bellagio Fountains

The fountains are quite a spectacle and among the most famous city attractions. They comprise more than 1200 fountains, making the show exciting as it is bigger than the usual fountain displays you see in other cities.

7. Brightest Spot on the Planet

The array of lights all over the city is like none other on earth, so it is referred to as the brightest spot on Earth. The neon tubing in the city covers more than ten thousand miles.

8. Tallest Observation Tower

In the United States, Sin City boasts the tallest observation tower, the Stratosphere. It is a significant landmark that also gains recognition for being the second tallest free-standing structure located west of river Mississippi.

9. Buried Car

Benjamin Siegel, commonly fondly referred to as Bugsy, was murdered in 1947, and ever since, his car remains permanently buried under the flamingo. It remains part of the city’s history and is one unusual occurrence.

10. Largest Hotels in the World

Out of the twenty most prominent hotels globally, Las Vegas hosts more than half of them. They include the Venetian, MGM Grand, the Luxor, Caesar’s Palace, and the Wynn.

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