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10 Crazy Facts About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is more than the wild parties and large casinos. Here are ten interesting things about Vegas that will blow your mind

1. It’s not the largest gambling hub in the world

If you didn’t know, now you do. Las Vegas is not the world’s largest gambling hub, as this title goes to Macau. Despite all the popularity and hype around gambling in Vegas, the revenue generated from different gambling practices in Macau far surpasses that of Las Vegas.

2. The first paved street in the city was Fremont Street

Fremont street is famous for all-around entertainment, bars, restaurants, and interesting nightlife. Another reason that puts the street on the map is that it was the first paved street in the city. This was done in the 1920s.

3. Slot machine to resident ratio

It always shocks people that there is one slot machine for every four people among the city’s residents on average. Considering the figures, there are about 635,000 city residents, compared to 164,000 slot machines, a ratio of 1:4. Unbelievable as this shows how much gambling is significant to the city.

4. A secret city underneath Lake Mead

Plenty of the water used in Las Vegas comes from Lake Mead, a huge reservoir. You probably do not know that back in the early 1930s, the area of St Thomas was home to several residents. The government needed to set up the Lake Mead reservoir at St Thomas to provide water, and the people here had to leave. Instead of destroying everything in St Thomas, they filled up the area with water leaving the town below the water.

5. The Las Vegas Strip is not in Las Vegas.

It is one of the most confusing aspects of the city. As much as people associate the Strip with the city, technically, it is outside the site. To be precise, the Strip sits in the Paradise and Winchester areas of the state, both in Clark County. Las Vegas is part of Clark County as well.

6. The city is home to the Wwrld’s second-largest hotel

If you guessed the Venetian, you are right. The magnificent hotel space comes second after the First World Hotel and Plaza in Malaysia. Las Vegas is a famous tourist destination, and it is home to some of the finest hotels, with the Venetian ranking second and MGM Grand third.

7. The Golden Nugget at the Golden Nugget

There is more to the name of this hotel located along Fremont Street. Indeed, a golden nugget exists at the hotel, and it is the biggest known to exist globally. It weighs 61 lbs and is called the Hand of Faith. The nugget was found in Australia by Kevin Hillier, only 12 inches below the surface. Be sure to view it when visiting the Golden Nugget Hotel and its environs.

8. Low Occurrence of Rain

It’s not the most surprising fact about the city is in a desert. However, it’s still interesting that Las Vegas receives less than 5 inches of rain annually. On the brighter side, the city experiences amazing weather for the better part of the year. Of everything you should worry about the city as you plan to visit, a massive downpour should not be one of them.

9. The United States’ largest bronze Ssatue

Las Vegas is home to the country’s largest statue, a bronze lion sculpture at MGM Grand. It’s a beautiful piece that suggests sophistication even before you enter the hotel’s premises. At 45 feet tall and about 100,000 lbs, this piece of art is the largest of its kind in the US.

10. The Paris Hotel Eiffel tower height

If you have seen both the real Eiffel tower and its replica in Las Vegas, then you know the replica is shorter. It is not a mistake, and neither was it the intention when the idea first came to be. However, the height would have been risky for aircraft flying around the area with its location, as McCarran Airport is not too far off. For this reason, they could not make a replica to scale. Regardless, the tower is a beautiful place to visit, take pictures, and make memories.

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