Besides the glittering lights and never-ending parties, Las Vegas is also known for the spectacular sunsets that paint the skies above it. While a great view is guaranteed wherever you may be, there are still several particular spots from which a perfect and unparalleled sight awaits you.

Here’s where you should watch the Las Vegas sunset from.

1. Stratosphere Observation Deck

Stratosphere Observation Deck

Naturally, nothing will beat the highest observation deck in the United States! Besides the sunset, this spot will also give you phenomenal views of practically every angle of Las Vegas, which is why you should definitely stop by if you want Instagram-worthy photos. Located on the north end of the Strip, this deck features an incredible 360-degree vantage point – its indoor area has angled windows and air-conditioning while the more adventurous Outdoor Observation Deck allows you to experience the desert sunset from a thousand feet above the ground. Without a doubt, the views from the Stratosphere Observation Deck should be seen by everyone at least once in their lives! 


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