Food trucks are a notable force in Vegas' hospitality industry. The city flaunts some pretty impressive trucks that attract not only locals but also vacationers. However, as a visitor, if you want to identify the best spots, it is imperative to observe the locals. Look out for what the locals prefer or rather the most crowded trucks. A keen observance will most likely land you on the following food trucks:

2. Cousin’s Maine Lobster

Cousin’s Maine Lobster

If you are a fan of seafood, Cousin's Maine Lobster is the perfect truck for you. They have trucks scattered all over the city, proof of their popularity, and a great selection of fresh seafood from the Gulf of Maine. Try out the popular lobster roll with a touch of chilled mayonnaise or their Connecticut style roll. Other great options include the lobster tater tots, lobster quesadillas, New England-style roll, and lobster tail in the shell served withdrawn butter.

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