Food trucks are a notable force in Vegas' hospitality industry. The city flaunts some pretty impressive trucks that attract not only locals but also vacationers. However, as a visitor, if you want to identify the best spots, it is imperative to observe the locals. Look out for what the locals prefer or rather the most crowded trucks. A keen observance will most likely land you on the following food trucks:

1. Fukuburger


Strategically located on 3429 S Jones Blvd, Fukuburger is among the most popular food trucks around. Like the name stipulates, this is the hub of tasty Asian-inspired hamburgers that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Their Nagadog burger is to die for; the snack is a typical hotlink graced with grilled kimchi, wasabi mayo, daikon relish, nori, and spicy kabayaki sauce. Even better, most other burger options are featured on their menu.