While Las Vegas shall always be the abode for casino lovers, treasure hunters must venture further than the Strip. The awesome news is that for people who relish the delight of antiquing, Las Vegas is home to loads of vintage stores that are jam-packed with hidden treasures. Here are the top 5 vintage stores to shop at in Las Vegas:

1. Antique Alley Mall

Antique Alley Mall

Antique Alley Mall brings together several vintage vendors providing an extensive scope of merchandise underneath one roof. Antique Alley, situated in the Las Vegas Arts District, is a wide-ranging set of vintage shops, design studios, restaurants, gyms, yoga studios, salons, apparel shops, and numerous other trades. It is often identified as the 'Best Kept Secret' in Las Vegas. Tour the place and share a beer, pick up a present for an acquaintance, workout your body and mind, find a new retro appearance, it doesn't matter. Enjoy your night and day!

2. Las Vegas Oddities

Las Vegas Oddities

A store highlighting the curious, the plain creepy, and the macabre, Las Vegas Oddities is where you can purchase both a human skull and a Bettie Page pinup photo. Here you will find strange steampunk top hats, vintage Soviet banners, woodcut-style prints, African headdresses, weird taxidermy experiments, and many more items that will delight the goth inside you.

3. The Attic

The Attic

Since 1989, this jam-packed business district Vegas vintage shop has been offering both visitors and natives a place to satiate all their old man shirt/wacky-Bill-Cosby-sweater/ patchwork skirt/ platform boots requirements. There is a reasonably priced assortment of great antique sunglasses and adequate evening dresses to channel Marie Osmond, Chaka Khan, Cher, or all three in a single night.

4. Opportunity Village Thrift Store

Opportunity Village Thrift Store

If you need gently used furniture, books, clothing, and small appliances for strangely low prices, go direct to Opportunity Village. This huge, well-stocked, and well-managed facility is found on a vital section of a strip mall at a simple-to-locate spot with ample parking—the profits from the store aid those with intellectual incapacities and their families.  

5. Glam Factory Vintage

Glam Factory Vintage

If you adore vintage apparel, Glam Factory has a fantastic assortment for ladies and gents. Shoppers are welcome to try on the attire plus accessories. You can also find incredible purses at some attractive prices.

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