Star Las Vegas Aces player returns to practice, Kurt Busch teases 2022 ride, and Josh Jacobs stands up for Derek Carr. All on last week in Las Vegas sports.

#5 WWE hopes John Cena versus Roman Reigns sells itself

#5 WWE hopes John Cena versus Roman Reigns sells itself

According to insider @Wrestlevotes, "WWE thinks the John Cena versus Roman Reigns main event at Summerslam will sell itself, but others are apparently worried about the lackluster build-up to the marquee match. It is worth noting that John Cena was off television for a week, forcing the company to rely on Roman Reigns and Finn Balor, but maybe they will step up their storytelling in the final days before the pay-per-view. Furthermore, maybe they can even make it something worth watching.

In the end, Cena versus Reigns has a lot of box office appeal to it, but the company seems to be going hot and cold with the story. WWE needs something big to make fans want to watch SummerSlam after the go-home show.

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