Here's everything you need to know about football's Fabulous Females, The Las Vegas Raiderettes.

1. A brief history of The Las Vegas Raiderettes

A brief history of The Las Vegas Raiderettes

The Raiderettes may have only been in Las Vegas for a short time, but their legacy runs much deeper.

The team started under the name Oakland Raiderettes in 1961 and became The Los Angeles Raiderettes in 1982 when the team moved to The City of Angels. Throughout all this, they were known as The Fabulous Females of Football, which still has a great ring to it. 

The squad has been home to some very notable women in the past, including actress/Playboy model Tina Martin, award-winning playwright Sandy Wolshin, and 90210 actress  Kelli Brook. Another notable Raiderette is Anjelah Johnson, who went on to become a cast member on the iconic Mad TV comedy sketch show.


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