How many pro wrestlers call Sin city home? Well, the answer that question really depends on what you consider to be professional wrestling? While some might think of WWE when that word comes to mind or even lesser known promotions like AEW, TNA or ROH, it can also describe what has become known as erotic wrestling.

5. #1 Playboy Buddy Rose (WWE, WCW)

#1 Playboy Buddy Rose (WWE, WCW)

What can really be said that hasn’t already about playboy Buddy Rose? The man might have never held a WWE title in his entire career, he did win The NWA Hawaii Heavyweight championship, the NWA Pacific Northwest Championship, and was even inducted into The WWE Hall of fame just last year.  

This man was the embodiment of a perfect heel. He always said the men in the audience wanted to be him and the women wanted to be with him. He would also play up a very Ric Flair-like lifestyle, partying with gorgeous girls, driving lavish cars, and throwing his money around every chance he got. This guy got so much heat with fans that they literally loved to hate him. 

If nothing else, he is one of the best mid-card Superstars in pro wrestling history, deserved a lot better than what he ultimately got, and is the greatest wrestler to ever come out of Las Vegas. 


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