Las Vegas has its share of laws that make you wonder why exactly they were passed! Here’s a list of the five weirdest laws in Las Vegas!

1. No Camels on the Highway

No Camels on the Highway

When you’re in Nevada, you might see an odd yet unmissable sign that indicates that no camels may be present on the highway. Well, this is because they were used extensively in the state since 1880, both for transportation, as well as for carrying heavy goods. The number of camels was so high, in fact, that they were, at one point, considered the most efficient way in which people could transport goods. When cars, bikes, and other large vehicles began to occupy highways, and they expanded, however, camels began to present a lot of problems. Many of them were getting hit on the highway, which is why the state of Nevada outlawed the use of camels and has maintained this odd, yet understandable law for a good part of the last fifty years.

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