The hot new Madden game is dropping in a couple of short weeks and you're probably dying to know which Las Vegas Raiders players you will be utilizing the most this season. Read on for more about who to play as, how to play as them, and some of the key ways these players can help you win games.

1. Darren Waller 85

Darren Waller 85

After three lackluster seasons in the NFL, Darren Waller upped his game in 2019 and totaled over 1000 yards with three touchdowns to match. If nothing else, he was one of the leading receivers for the Las Vegas Raiders and very much a factor in helping Derek Carr move down the field. 

Now, the craziest part about this whole rating is that it’s the highest boost for any member of the Raiders roster and should make him damn near impossible to stop in the game. In fact, if he gets the right routes and can speed away from his receiver, just sling the ball to him for some easy yardage.