The Peppermill is an award-winning restaurant located on the Vegas Strip. It has been in business for forty years. Over the years it has been serving a bit of everything to satisfy everyone's appetite. Below is a list of five highly recommended dishes to try from this restaurant:

2. Detox Salad

Detox Salad

Are you a naturally healthy eater or just looking to detox? The detox salad is an exceptional choice if you fit in either one of those two categories. It comprises spinach, diced apples, baby kale, broccoli, dried cranberries, romaine, quinoa, avocado, and toasted almonds. A sherry shallot vinaigrette is the unique salad dressing that brings all these components together. You can add $5.50 for shrimp or $4.00 for chicken to be included in your salad if you prefer. Without the meat, the salad goes for$19.95. 

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