Playoffs or no playoffs? That is the question.

Crappy Shakespeare jokes aside, The Las Vegas Raiders are gunning for a playoff spot this season and Ii’s going to take a plethora of new weapons to get there. Fortunately for Raider nation, they have signed a lot of talent over the offseason, which makes a playoff run much more likely.

5. Marcos Mariota

Marcos Mariota

While Marcus Mariota has had a troubled past as quarterback of The Tennessee Titans, especially since he never played an entire season throughout his career due to injuries, he could be a key motivator for The Raiders. In fact, if Carr finds himself unable to make plays and move the ball down the field in an efficient manner, Mariota could be the starter. 

Of course, Mariota will have to stay healthy and put up better numbers than he has lately, but it is possible that he could start. If nothing else, Carr has had six years at the helm of The Raider offense and hasn’t done much with it. Maybe he will now that Mariota is in the picture, or maybe the former Titan will just end up taking his job.