The bright lights and glamorous atmosphere of Las Vegas have turned it into a blockbuster mainstay, often featured in Hollywood’s biggest movies. From heist films to romantic comedies, Sin City has been home to them all.

Here are five iconic movie scenes set in Las Vegas.

1. Ocean’s Eleven (2001) - Bellagio Fountains

Ocean’s Eleven (2001) - Bellagio Fountains

Arguably one of the most famous films shot in Las Vegas, the majority of scenes from Ocean’s Eleven was shot at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, thanks to a deal struck between producer Jerry Weintraub and Steve Wynn, who was the hotel’s owner at the time. The cast and crew were granted 24-hour access to everything the Bellagio had to offer, including its amenities and grounds. The film’s ending scene, which showed all the characters standing in front of the stunning Bellagio Fountains, is definitely the stuff of legends. 


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