Let's be honest here. 7-9 isn't going to cut it this year, and the Raiders need to step it up to make the postseason this time. They need to learn from these five key games and use that knowledge to cut down on their mistakes.

5. Week 17 choking against the Broncos

Week 17 choking against the Broncos

Although the Las Vegas Raiders lost most of their games due to the defense's inability to keep other teams out of the endzone, this game went the exact opposite way. In fact, the Raiders only managed 3 points in three quarters during that game and followed that up with two touchdowns. The Raiders would have won the game if they managed to get the two-point conversion, but ultimately failed. 

In the end, this is just not a game that the Raiders should have lost. They already beat The Broncos by seven points the last time they met, and while they didn’t have Josh Jacobs this time around, they still should have been able to rely on Carr to get them to victory.  Think about it! Carr had three quarters he could have scored in during this game and couldn’t manage a touchdown until the fourth quarter? 

That’s what pretty much cost the team a chance at the playoffs and could in the future if Vegas doesn't find weapons for Carr to utilize. 

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