Since 2017, Sin City has gone green. If you’re in Vegas and are looking for some cannabis, don’t worry - It’s completely legal in Nevada, even for recreational use. If you’re in Vegas, odds are you’re staying within the vicinity of the strip, so here are the 5 best cannabis dispensaries near the Las Vegas strip!

1. Essence


Essence is a thriving dispensary located at 2307 S Las Vegas Blvd. Given its convenient location near the Strip, it isn’t the dispensary with the absolute best prices but offers a ton of different things. First, it has an indoor seating area in both its locations. Here, they serve customers as a bar or restaurant would, and have an almost infinite selection of strains to choose from. Apart from their in-store selection, which you can choose from and buy up to 2 ounces of, they also offer a wide catalog for deliveries, which is what they happen to be particularly well-known for. In all, Essence makes for an excellent stop and is a great representative of cannabis culture in the state of Nevada.

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