The Las Vegas Raiders have weathered a lot of storms in training camp. Will they be game-ready when the 2021 NFL season starts?

#5 Marcus Mariota keeping tabs on other starting roles

#5 Marcus Mariota keeping tabs on other starting roles

Marcus Mariota has wanted the starting job in Las Vegas ever since he touched down in Nevada, and while he has shown flashes of brilliance, whether that be trying to out-duel Derek Carr in practice, trying to be the better performer in preseason games, or even serving in the star quarterback's absence, it has never been enough. Maybe that's why Mariota is still looking at other potential starting jobs despite restructuring his deal with the Raiders.

"Absolutely," he said when asked if he monitors other QB situations. "It is my goal (to be a starter), so I do keep tabs on what's going on. For us as players, it's kind of important to see what the landscape is. That being said, I enjoy this team. It's a great organization to play for."

Mariota's last start was in Week 15 last season, where he was brought in for an injured Derek Carr.  Now, Mariota did manage one touchdown and 226 yards, but the team still lost. With that being said and Mariota being a bit of a wild card, maybe expect the Raiders to trade him towards the deadline. It could create some cap space, allow Mariota to thrive somewhere else, and bring in someone new to develop under Carr.

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