The Las Vegas Raiders have a lot to address during the offseason, but these five things will be of particular importance.

1. Who's the quarterback?

Who's the quarterback?

Derek Carr or Marcus Mariota? Who should be the starting quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2021? While Carr seems like the right choice at the helm, many other fans feel it should be Mariota. Both Quarterbacks bring different things to the table.

For example, Mariota, would be a perfect way to give the Raiders another dimension on their offense. Not only is that evident by his dangerous throwing ability, but also by his run game. As for Carr, he is more battle-tested, and gets injured less. He is also capable of putting somewhat better drives together than Mariota, further blurring the lines.

In the end, both guys would be great choices to start for the team, but fans need to accept whoever it ends up being. No more endless Quarterback debates, no more raging on Facebook about they made the wrong choice and questioning others fandom. All that is over. The only thing left to do is pick a quarterback and be done with it.