It wasn't pretty, but the Las Vegas Raiders managed to come out on top and keep their playoff hopes alive.

1. Derek Carr Pulls the Team Out of the Hole

Derek Carr Pulls the Team Out of the Hole

The Las Vegas Raiders had quite the hole to dig themselves out of after throwing an interception on their first possession, and really had to go deep to make something happen. Fortunately for the Raiders, Derek Carr made up for his misdeeds by nailing a nine-yard pass to Darren Wallner to tie the game up 7-7 

While the Raiders initially had some trouble moving the ball during this drive, Carr connected with Henry Ruggs III for a 28-yard gain that put them in the Red Zone. Now it is worth mentioning that the Raiders were up against the worst team in the league and still messed up,  but it’s nice to see Carr get his team out of a hole here.