Kyle Busch is a very polarizing figure in NASCAR and that isn't by accident. With Busch's career now spanning a total of 18 years, here are the five moments that pretty much made him the veteran he is today.

4. Getting injured at Daytona International Speedway

Getting injured at Daytona International Speedway

Kyle Busch has been portrayed as somewhat of a villain so far on this list, which is why what happened to him in 2015 will be an absolute shock. People that are reading this will be forced to at least reconsider their feelings about Kyle Busch and his talent when it comes to driving a racecar.  

Unfortunately for Kyle Busch, 2015 was the year that he would go flying into the grass during an Xfinity Series race and hit the inside of the wall of Daytona International Speedway dead on.  What made the situation direr, however, was the fact that the inside walls weren’t reinforced with Safer barriers, which is a barrier used to absorb impact, leaving Busch badly injured. 

In fact, while Busch was able to get out of his car under his own power, he quickly collapsed to the ground, which made it apparent he was in bad shape. When all was said and done, Busch suffered a fracture in one leg, a fracture in the other foot and a sprained left finger. It seemed like Busch’s career was over, but it didn’t end up happening that way. 

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